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Our Ecovegan Food Truck

AguaViento WaterWind is born out of love. We wanted to create a place where we could introduce organic and vegan homemade food, making it accessible to everybody, and what better way than a van that can reach remote areas where others cannot.

At first, we worked on the land, but the production was low and we thought of moving to the kitchen.

We live in a natural way and we wanted to pass on our values through this beautiful project. For this reason, all the produce we use is one hundred percent organic, certified by the CAAE. Thus, being the first endorsed restaurant in the province of Cádiz.

We always use locally sourced, seasonal vegetables, and are part of two organic markets in Andalusia. We take advantage of this synergy to get our products directly from the farmers.

Our food truck has solar panels to obtain electrical energy, storing it in lithium batteries, which causes less harm to the environment.

In addition, we wanted to create a new food-art concept where, while you eat, you can enjoy the beautiful drawings made by the painter Carmen Rissoto, a very special woman who has been around throughout the creation of this van.

We want to make ecoveganism a way of life. For us veganism does not make sense if we do not add the ecological part (which implies products that respect us and Pachamama).


Here is an interview to help you understand our philosophy.


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